Our policies library is regularly updated with the most recent policies we use at the Trust to help us provide the best support we can for all we serve. We are still in the process of uploading policies, so please bear with us.

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Please note there a number of Trust policies which are currently being re-written to address the legislative changes required by the GDPR and DPA 2018. These policies are displayed in the table below. Should you have any queries regarding the content of any of the Trust policies and their current compliance with the changed legislation please contact the Information Governance & Medico Legal Team on (0191) 2466891 or via e-mail at DPO@ntw.nhs.uk. We expect to have this work completed by December 2018.


NTW (O) 68 Business Change Case Process
NTW (O) 36 Data Protection Policy
NTW (O) 62 Information Sharing
NTW (O) 63 IT Procurement
NTW (O) 21 Security Management Policy