Care Coordination CPA Policy

Care Coordination CPA Policy (423kB)

Appendix 1 (125kB)

Possible Strategies for Professionals

Appendix 2 (152kB)

Strategies Information Sharing

Appendix 3 (101kB)

7 Golden Rules for Information Sharing

Appendix 4 (85kB)

Approved Risk Tools

CC-CPA-PGN-01 (597kB)

Adult Services

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 1 (124kB)

Adult - Keeping Children Safe Assessment

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 2 (84kB)

Adult - Standards for Care Plan/Review Clinical Letter

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 3 (71kB)

Adult - Role of the Community Liaison Nurse

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 4 (71kB)

Adult - Role of Discharge Facilitator

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 5 (115kB)

Adult - Role of the Named Nurse

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 6 (124kB)

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 7 (311kB)

Adult - Admission Process

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 8 (144kB)

Adult - Standard Summary Letter

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 9 (191kB)

Adult - WRAP Plan

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 10 (100kB)

Adult - Process to Adopt when Working in Partnership with a Social Care Provider

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 11 (112kB)

Adult - GTKY Staff Checklist

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 12 (139kB)

Liaison Assessment

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 13 (32kB)

Adult - Consent to Share Information

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 14 (321kB)

Adult - Briefing note to support staff in positive working arrangements

CC-CPA-PGN-01 Appendix 15 (272kB)

Adult - Key Card FACE CYPS EIP

CC-CPA-PGN-02 (479kB)

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 1 (84kB)

OP - Standards fro Care Plan/Review Clinical Letter

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 3 (191kB)

OP - WRAP Care Plan

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 4 (124kB)

OP - Keeping Children Safe Assessment

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 5 (191kB)

OP - Role of the Community Liaison Nurse

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 6 (115kB)

OP - Role of the Named Nurse

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 7 (74kB)

OP - Role of the Discharge Facilitator

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 8 (122kB)

OP - Admission/Transfer Checklist

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 9 (115kB)

OP - GTKY Staff Guidance Checklist

CC-CPA-PGN-02 Appendix 10 (143kB)

OP - Standard Summary Letters - Discharge

CC-CPA-PGN-03 (386kB)


CC-CPA-PGN-03 Appendix 1 (113kB)

LD - Keeping Children Safe Assessment

CC-CPA-PGN-03 Appendix 2 (84kB)

LD - Standards for Care Plan/Reveiw Clinical Letter

CC-CPA-PGN-03 Appendix 3 (193kB)

LD - WRAP Care Plan

CC-CPA-PGN-03 Appendix 4 (101kB)

LD Process to Adopt when Working in Partnership with a Social Care Provider

CC-CPA-PGN-03 Appendix 5 (115kB)

LD - GTKY Staff Check list

CC-CPA-PGN-03 Appendix 6 (127kB)

LD - Standard Letters - Discharge

CC-CPA-PGN-03 Appendix 7 (159kB)

LD - Acute Inpatient Flowchart

CC-CPA-PGN-04 (271kB)

Neuro-rehabilitation Services Framework

CC-CPA-PGN-04 Appendix 1 (271kB)

Neuro - Standards for Care Plan/Clinical Review Letter

CC-CPA-PGN-04 Appendix 2 (125kB)

Neuro - Keeping Children Safe Assessment

CC-CPA-PGN-05 (219kB)

IAPT Services

Appendix 1 (122kB)

Data Set

Appendix 2 (219kB)

Leaflet A5 - Your information and how we use it

Appendix 3 (589kB)

Leaflet A4 - Your information and how we use it

CC-CPA-PGN-06 (203kB)

Learning Disability - Admissions

CC-CPA-PGN-06.1 (211kB)

Learning Disability - Epilepsy

CC-CPA-PGN-06.1 Appendix 1 (454kB)

Epilepsy Checklist

CC-CPA-PGN-07 (160kB)


CC-CPA-PGN-08 (178kB)

Discharge against Medical/Clinical Advice

CC-CPA-PGN-08 Appendix 1 (119kB)

Discharge against Medical/Clinical Advice Form

CC-CPA-PGN-08 Appendix 2 (50kB)

Refusal to accept Medical/Clinical Advice (for inpatient use only) Form

CC-CPA-PGN-09 (208kB)


CC-CPA-PGN-10 (61kB)

Working with Private Practitioners

Appendix 3 (39kB)

Information Sharing Form

CC-CPA-PGN-11 (215kB)

E-Pathway Packages