Quality goals and priorities

Goals and priorities are developed each year to continually improve quality in safety, service user and carer experience, and clinical effectiveness.

We report progress against these in the annual Quality Account

2018/19 Quality Account

We have published our DRAFT 2018/19 Quality Account. You can view the document here.

The Quality Account outlines work that has been undertaken, the progress made in improving the quality of our services and identifies areas for improvement. The following Quality Priorities have been identified for 2019/20; you can read more about these in the draft Quality Account:

Organisations required to comment on our Quality Account should provide statements should be no more than 1,000 words long to qualityassurance@ntw.nhs.uk by no later than Friday 10 May 2019 for inclusion in the final published report. Any statements received after that date will be published on our website alongside the document.

Please note that some figures and information are not yet available and will be included in later drafts of the document.