Quality goals and priorities

Goals and priorities are developed each year to continually improve on quality in safety, service user and carer experience, and clinical effectiveness.

We are now considering potential new quality goals and priorities for 2017/18.

Proposed quality priorities for 2017/18

Three proposed new quality priorities for the coming year have been identified and are detailed  below. They are based upon themes that emerged from:

  1. Engaging with service users and carers, staff and other stakeholders, via a workshop and online survey in December 2016.
  2. Reviewing themes arising from complaints and incidents, and
  3. Reviewing the areas for improvement identified by the CQC both from their 2016 comprehensive inspection of the Trust and also from their ongoing programme of Mental Health Act Review visits to inpatient wards.

Please take a look at these proposals and tell us what you think of them. You can find out how to pass on your views at the bottom of this page.

Safety: Embedding the Positive & Safe Strategy

NTW’s Positive & Safe Strategy aims to:

  • Reduce violence across the organisation
  • Minimise the use of all restrictive interventions
  • Promote collaborative working

This important work continues to be embedded across the organisation, to ensure our service users are cared for in environments that are safe, where service users and staff work together to develop solutions in order to promote positive change, underpinned by best evidence,   incident reporting, meaningful debrief and clinical risk review.

Instances of violence and aggression was a significant area of focus for the CQC.

Service User & Carer Experience: Co-production and personalisation of care plans

All service users should receive appropriate person-centred care and treatment that is based on an assessment of their needs and preferences.

NTW recognises the importance of service users being actively involved in their treatment including the development of their care plans. While there is some excellent practice within some areas regarding care plans written in collaboration with service users and their carers/family; we recognise this is not consistently evidenced across all our inpatient wards, falling short of our high values, standards and expectations.

This was an area of focus for the CQC.

Clinical Effectiveness: Use of the Mental Health Act – Reading of Rights

The Mental Health Act 1983 seeks to ensure that patients who are detained in hospital under the Act, or who are subject to a Community Treatment Order, understand important information about how the Act applies to them.

Staff must remind service users of their rights and of the effects of the Act from time to time. NTW wishes to improve compliance in this area and ensure a more robust approach is developed to ensure that the necessary information in relation to rights is given to service users and recorded at appropriate times and intervals.

The reading of rights is a continuing area of focus for the CQC.

What do you think?

We want your your views on these three suggested quality priorities.

  1. Do you agree that these proposals reflect the highest priority areas for improvement currently?
  2. If not, what issues would you have like to have seen prioritised for each quality domain?

A short survey has been designed so we can find out your views and can be found by clicking here. The survey will be available until Friday, 3 March 2017.

Fully drafted versions of the proposed 2017/18 quality priorities, taking into account comments received during this engagement process and including progress milestones, will be considered by the trust board on 22 March 2017.

You can read these PDFs that show our quality priorities for 2016/17 and provide an update on how we were progressing with them.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the survey, and please  contact qualityassurance@ntw.nhs.uk if you have any further queries or comments.