Being a governor

Governors are elected representatives of service users, carers, staff, partners and the public. They hold the board of directors to account, as well as carrying out many other duties.

What is a governor?

Governors are responsible for representing the interests of the Trust’s members and partner organisations in the running of an NHS Foundation Trust.

Governors are elected by the Trust’s members and represent their views and those of our partners. Local communities and staff working on the front line can therefore have a bigger say in the management and provision of NHS services in their area.

What do governors do?

The role of the Council of Governors is set out in the NHS Act 2006 and as amended by the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It includes:

  • appointing and, if appropriate, removing the Trust chair and other non-executive directors
  • deciding the remuneration and allowances and other terms and conditions of office of the chair and the other non-executive directors
  • approving (or not) any new appointment of a chief executive
  • appointing and, if appropriate, removing the Trust’s auditor
  • receiving the Trust’s annual accounts, any report of the auditor on them and the annual report, at a general meeting of the council of governors
  • providing views on the Trust’s forward plan
  • holding the non-executive directors, individually and collectively, to account for the performance of the board of directors
  • representing the interests of the members of the Trust as a whole and the interests of the public
  • approving significant transactions
  • approving an application by the Trust to enter into a merger, acquisition, separation or dissolution
  • deciding whether the trust’s non-NHS work would significantly interfere with its principal purpose, which is to provide goods and services for the health service in England, or performing its other functions
  • approving amendments to the Trust’s constitution

How do I contact a governor?

At some point you may want to get in touch with a governor. This might be to make suggestions about service improvements or to pass on feedback to governors, you can email or call the Corporate Affairs office on 0191 245 6827.

See a list of current governors

If you would like to make a complaint about an aspect of Trust, you should get in touch with the Complaints Department, rather than a governor. The Complaints Department is a dedicated service and they will be in the best position to help you.

Contact the Complaints Department

How do I become a governor?

We have produced a PDF guide that explains how you can become a governor.

If you need any more information or would like a confidential discussion with one of our dedicated team, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Wendy Pinkney
Membership Manager
Telephone: 0191 2456827