Dr. Ann Ryman

GMC No: 3180837

I trained as an undergraduate and Early Psychiatry training in Edinburgh before moving to Newcastle to complete my training and took up my Consultant post in 2006. I work in a Community Mental Health Team in Working Age Adult Psychiatry and have also worked with the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team in Northumberland.

I developed an interest in working with people with personality disorders following a placement at the regional department of psychotherapy including working with the borderline group. I have attended training events regarding management of personality disorder including dialectical behavior therapy skills training and an introduction to mentalization behaviour therapy. I have been a member of Trust Personality Disorder Pathway Strategic Development Group and initiated Personality Disorder Reflective Group for staff in Hexham. I also presented at Personality Disorder Hub Launch event, June 2015.

I have an interest in all areas of mental health and enjoy learning new skills. I have recently attended training regarding diagnosing and managing Autism Spectrum Disorder in adults and am attending Family Therapy training, 2015-16.