Dr Omer Shareef

GMC No: 6073988

Neuropsychiatry has always been my passion. In search of this pursuit I completed my ST-6 (Specialist Training) in Neuropsychiatry at National Brain injury center in Northampton.

I am currently the lead Consultant for Community Neuropsychiatry Services at Regional Center for Neuropsychiatry and Neurorehabilitation at Walkergate park, Newcastle.

I provide consultation for patients with Acquired brain injury (ABI), Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and Neuropsychiatric presentations with Epilepsy, Alcohol related brain injuries and Neurodegenerative conditions. I offer Neuropsychiatric second opinions across acute and psychiatric hospitals in the North east as part of the Regional neuropsychiatry service.

I have keen interest in exploring the interconnections between the forms of brain injury and its psychiatric and behavioral presentations. I am currently working on developing novel treatment modalities for behavioral and emotional changes following the altered neuronal circuits post brain injury.

My current research interest are use of Noninvasive brain stimulation for brain injury neurocognitive and behavioral rehabilitation.