Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service – Information Leaflet

Carers Charter

This charter is based on involvement with carers linked to NTW. It details how we will work in partnership with them and provide support and help.

Collingwood at Hadrian – Patient Information Leaflet

Collingwood at Hadrian is an urgent care inpatient ward based at Hadrian Clinic, Campus for Ageing and Vitality, Newcastle. The service is for men over the age of 18 years who are experiencing a relapse or crisis regarding their mental wellbeing and require inpatient admission

Clozapine Clinic – Patient Information Leaflet

This leaflet is for people who are attending a Clozapine Clinic. It is a regular clinic for the monitoring of Clozapine therapy, which involves taking a blood sample and checking for side-effects and any physical health problems.

Community Children and Young People’s Services

We have different professionals who all work together to help children and young people who are having problems with their emotional or mental health. We know that sometimes young people worry about coming to see us but we are here to help. This leaflet should help answer some of the questions that you might have.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – Patient Information Leaflet

Cognitive skills can be described as ‘thinking skills’ and cognition is a word used to describe thought processes. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy is a brief group treatment for people experiencing mild to moderate memory difficulties. We aim to make group sessions fun and enjoyable.

Clearbrook – Patient Information Leaflet

Clearbook is a female only, high dependency rehabilitation unit based at Hopewood Park, Sunderland. The service is for females only above the age of 18 years old who require a period of intensive rehabilitation in a hospital setting.