My sleep diary

A sleep diary for adolescents to keep track of their sleeping routine.

My sleep diary

A sleep diary for adolescents to keep track of their sleeping routine.

My moving on plan

Moving on from Children and Young People's services.

My Care Plan

A care plan is an agreement between you and your health professional to help you manage your health day to day. By talking about your care plan with your health professional you can say how you want to manage your health and choose what's best for you.

Mummy is poorly

Mummy is Poorly is a children's story about a little girl whose mother has mental health difficulties. It was written with the aim of reassuring very young carers by providing them with a basic understanding of what would happen to them if their parents developed severe 'poorly thinking'.

Welcome Pack – Mitford Unit

This welcome pack provides information about the Mitford Unit, the staff, and the treatments and therapies that will be available to you during your stay.

Mental health and growing up – When bad things happen

A Royal College of Psychiatrist's leaflet for parents, teachers and young people from the Mental Health and Growing Up series. This leaflet describes when bad things happen and offers practical advice on how to cope when life gets tough.

Multiple sclerosis in adults – NICE Clinical Guideline 186

NICE clinical guideline which covers diagnosing and managing multiple sclerosis in people aged 18 and over. It aims to improve the quality of life for adults with multiple sclerosis by promoting symptom management, comprehensive reviews and effective relapse treatment. Information for professionals and the public.

Mental Capacity Act 2005 – Alzheimer’s Society

The Mental Capacity Act covers important decision-making relating to an individual's property, financial affairs, and health and social care. It also applies to everyday decisions, such as personal care, what to wear and what to eat. It can help people with dementia, their carers and professionals to make decisions, both now and in the future. This factsheet explains what mental capacity is, outlines the key principles or rules of the Act, and looks at how it can be applied when planning for the future.

Mental Health and Deafness Service

Information about the Mental Health and Deafness Service for deaf and deafblind people aged 18 years or older who mainly use British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate.

Mental health in pregnancy

A Royal College of Psychiatrist's leaflet about mental health problems in pregnancy, how to stay well during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, how to decide whether or not to take medication in pregnancy and what help and support there is for pregnant women with mental health problems.

Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT) – Information for service users

Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT) focuses on developing a person’s ability to recognise what is going on in their own mind and what might be going on in other peoples’ minds. This leaflet outlines who may benefit from MBT, what the therapy involves and what to expect from MBT.


Information from FRANK outlining the main effects and risks of taking mephedrone.