Newcastle Psychiatric Liaison Service – personalised patient information

Information about the Psychiatric Liaison Service who provide assessment of mental health, and treatment of any mental health problems, to people attending a general hospital in Newcastle.

Newton – Patient Information Leaflet

Information about Newton ward, a high dependency rehabilitation unit for men over the age of 18 years based at St George’s Park in Morpeth.

Northumberland Head Injuries Service

Information about the Northumberland Head Injuries Service who offer a range of services for Northumberland residents aged up to 65 years who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Named Nurse Information Sheet

Information for patients, carers, relatives and friends about what to expect from a named nurse on admission and during a stay.

Newcastle Drug and Alcohol Service

Information for anyone in Newcastle experiencing drug and alcohol problems who require specialist, clinical support. It tells you the kind of support available, who the service is for and how to arrange an appointment.

Needle and syringe programme – NICE Public Health Guideline 52

NICE guideline which covers needle and syringe programmes for people (including those under 16) who inject drugs. The main aim is to reduce the transmission of viruses and other infections caused by sharing injecting equipment, such as HIV, hepatitis B and C.

Newcastle Community Team Learning Disability (CTLD)

Information about the assessment and treatments and support provided by the Newcastle Community Team Learning Disability (CTLD). A service for people with a learning disability who have complex physical health needs, challenging behaviours or mental health needs.

Welcome Pack – North of Tyne Stepped Care

This pack provides you with information that you will find useful during your stay on Willow View, Bluebell Court, Kinnersley and Newton. I tells you about the staff, the ward, the treatments and therapies available to you.