Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day

To mark Worldwide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day on Thursday 19 November, North East NHS staff are holding a range of events to raise awareness.

Pressure ulcers are an injury that breaks down the skin and underlying tissue. They are caused when an area of skin is placed under pressure, sometimes known as bedsores. They range in severity from patches of discoloured skin to open wounds that expose the underlying tissue or bone and about 1 in 20 people who area admitted to hospital with a sudden illness will develop a pressure ulcer.

Staff at Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (NTW), the regions provider of mental health and disability services have been providing staff, clients and relatives with information about the prevention, management and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Our Trust does not provide acute services and as such there is a mis-conception that we do not provide physical treatment services. In actual fact we have a dedicated tissue viability team which supports the education, prevention, assessment, management and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Kevin ChapmanModern Matron at NTW

As of November 2015 the Trust has 121 registered link practitioners covering the majority of wards at the Trust. These roles will support the specialist nurses in providing support on the wards.

To mark the day and to support staff in identifying and reporting pressure ulcers correctly we are launching a visual/pictorial reference through the Trust’s incident reporting system. We are also launch a new patient information leaflet which will be available through the Trust’s award winning Patient Information Centre.

Kevin ChapmanModern Matron at NTW

The day is co-ordinated by EPUAP, the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel with the objective of increasing national awareness for pressure ulcer prevention and to educate the public. For more information visit