Gateshead Psychiatric Liaison Team – NTW157

The Gateshead Psychiatric Liaison Team specialise in the assessment and treatment of adults 16 – 65 years old with mental health needs admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

We can provide medication advice, psychosocial interventions, psychoeducation, onward signposting and referral to other services.

We support wards teams in the management of patients with comorbid mental disorder and provide support regarding complex decisions around mental capacity.

We are based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and operate 7 days a week between 8am and 9pm.


0191 445 6399


Ward 4 Queen Elizabeth Hospita Gateshead Tyne and Wear NE9 6SX

Opening Times

Monday 8am – 9pm Tuesday 8am – 9pm Wednesday 8am – 9pm Thursday 8am – 9pm Friday 8am – 9pm Saturday 8am – 9pm Sunday 8am – 9pm