Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service – Specialist Service (Walkergate Park) – NTW038

The Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service based at Walkergate Park Hospital, Newcastle is a service for people who experience persistent confusion and/or discomfort with their gender. This includes people who want to change physical aspects of their gender as well as those who do not.

The service is available to people over the age of 17 years who live in England. Some people who are distressed about their gender have other health problems such as physical disabilities or mental health difficulties. The service is open to all but people with more complex needs may require additional support from other services.

The Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service offers psychiatric and psychological assessment, support, counselling and speech and language therapy to people within the service, depending on their needs. The service provides advice to other professionals, including advice on medical treatments.

It is important for us to hear from our clients about the service they have received so we can continually improve the service we provide. A feedback form will soon be available to this site to see your comments or any suggestions for improvement.

How to get Referred
People can be referred to the service via a psychiatrist, GP, consultant physician or other healthcare professional from anywhere in England.



Benfield House Walkergate Park Benfield Road Newcastle NE6 4PF

Opening Times

Monday 9am – 5pm Tuesday 9am – 5pm Wednesday 9am – 5pm Thursday 9am – 5pm Friday 9am – 5pm

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