Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service – NTW038

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Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service – NTW038

What we do

The Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service is a service for people who experience persistent confusion and/or discomfort as a result of a discrepancy between their assigned sex and their gender identity. This includes people who want to change physical aspects of their gender as well as those who do not.

Some people who are distressed about their assigned sex have other health problems such as physical disabilities or mental health difficulties. The service is open to all but people with more complex needs may require additional support from other services.

The Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service offers a treatment pathway focused on improving the physical and mental wellbeing of the people that we serve. We offer:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Medical interventions
  • Referrals for surgery and other treatments
  • Voice and communication therapy
  • Specialist psychological therapy.
  • Advice and training to other professionals, including advice on medical treatments.

How to be referred

The service is available to people over the age of 17 years who live in England. People can be referred to the service via their family doctor/ GP, consultant physician or other healthcare professional from anywhere in England. There is a referral form here

Gender dysphoria

We understand gender dysphoria as the experience of discomfort or distress which arises as a result of a mismatch between a person’s gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. Each individual might experience gender dysphoria differently and to varying degrees.

Our vision and values

The Northern Region Gender dysphoria service is hosted by Northumberland Tyne and wear NHS Foundation Trust. The trust vision and values are:

Our vision

To be a leader in the delivery of high quality care and a champion for those we serve.

Our values

Caring and compassionate

  • Put ourselves in other people’s shoes
  • Listen and offer hope
  • Focus on recovery
  • Be approachable
  • Be sensitive and considerate
  • Be helpful
  • Go the extra mile


  • Value the skill and contribution of others
  • Give respect to all people
  • Respect and embrace difference
  • Encourage innovation and be open to new ideas
  • Work together and value our partners

Honest and transparent

  • Have no secrets
  • Be open and truthful
  • Accept what is wrong and strive to put it right
  • Share information
  • Be accountable for our actions

The staff team at the Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service have embedded these within the service and have identified our values:

Service users

We aim to work collaboratively with service users to increase their personal comfort in a consistent, flexible and accepting way.

Our Team

We aim to support each other to develop as individuals through positive challenge and open reflection, maintaining our focus on our service users.

Systems interfaces

We aim to create trans affirmative change with passion, taking responsibility for seeking out diversity and encouraging authenticity in all areas of our working lives.




Benfield House Walkergate Park Benfield Road Newcastle NE6 4PF

Opening Times

Monday 9am – 5pm Tuesday 9am – 5pm Wednesday 9am – 5pm Thursday 9am – 5pm Friday 9am – 5pm

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